Editorial: Political Frustration!

The political developments are heading to a different direction contrary to the aspirations of the people who took to streets to overthrow the 30-years dictatorship.
Most of the sectors in the Sudanese societies are politically frustrated and phrases such as (The revolution was evaporated) or (the revolution was stolen) are dominating the political arena a matter that reflects the political frustration we mentioned.
We believe that the political frustration is a result of the reality that the political aspirations were unrealistic and exaggerated.
The people were aspiring for a radical change for the political reality as a result of a peaceful revolution which accepted the partnership with the army which was part of the ousted regime.
The defect in administrating the shift from the revolution stage to the practice of governance at all level was due to the adverse variation between the reality and the motivated revolutionary aspirations.
It goes without saying that the popular uprising was a great political event in our modern history, but it should not be looked at as if it is the last point in the Sudanese political development. This revolution is just a station in a very long course of development.
We should not asses that revolution by the final political results and argue that id did not lead to the actual revolutionary rule and a radical change through uprooting the ousted regime and its institutions.
We should consider that the revolution had achieved great achievements, but it did not achieve decisive results to change the reality on the levels of governance.
The comprehensive authoritarian change through popular uprising necessitates entering into several confrontations and battles.
The road is still too long in our country which is suffering political, social, economical, cultural backwardness.
The aspired change could not be done overnight but through accumulated revolutionary achievements during the long course national development.
God bless Sudan.

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