Arms Collection Campaign Contributed in Improvement in Human Rights Situations

Al-Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum – The Ministry of the Interior confirmed that the weapons collection campaign comes according to political will to support efforts to reduce armed violence and achieve peace and stability in Darfur.
Interior State Minister, Musa Madibo said, during his address to the international and regional arms collection workshop organized by the DDR, in cooperation with the African Union, said that the arms collection campaign contributed to the disappearance of conflicts and armed conflicts and led to the improvement of human rights conditions and the increase in human and economic activity In Darfur, praising the efforts of DDR and its successful programs, and the role of the African Union and the active partnership with the commission in enhancing security and stability, stressing the support of the Ministry of the Interior for the weapons collection initiative.
The African Union (AU) representative congratulated Sudan on the success of its weapons collection efforts, which he said contributed to improving the security situation, stressing the African Union’s support for all activities that achieve security and stability, pointing to the union’s support for the Sudan DDR and its cooperation with all member states and international partners to achieve and implement the AU map, stressing the aspiration of the union for further cooperation with Sudan in the framework of disarmament.
For his part, DDR Commissioner, Lieutenant General Salah Al-Tayeb said that the state was established for the project of collecting weapons with a number of efforts and agreements, which contributed to the collection of large quantities of weapons, referring to the measures taken in the demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants, saying that the decision of weapons collection confirms the political will because of its political, economic and social effects to increase the security area, revealing a meeting between the commission and the African ambassadors to enlighten them of these efforts, noting that the regional role on weapons collection is required, praising the support of partners for the various programs of the commission.

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