NISS: Launching of Second Phase of Dialogue with US for Removing Sudan from Terrorism List

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum-The Deputy Director of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), Lt. Gen. Jalal-Eddin Al-Sheikh, has announced the Sudanese government welcome to the return of Imam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi to the country, calling for holding meetings for completion of the internal peace and effecting comprehensive national fabric.
Speaking at a meeting with national leaderships and figures in Wad-Medani town, Lt. Gen. Jalal-Eddin Al-Sheikh said the National Dialogue has created a shift in the country that necessitates making it a success.
He explained that differences between Sudan and Uganda were ended and relations with Gulf countries have been improved and that efforts are underway for solving the Yemeni problem peacefully to preserve the security of the area, referring to the launching of the second phase of dialogue with US for removing the name of Sudan form the terrorism list.
The northern borders with Egypt are secure and there is stability at the borders with Chad, he added, affirming stability of the security situation in South Sudan.
NISS Deputy Director announced reoperation of seven oil wells in South Sudan and that river transport would be launched with Juba as of early next year.
He attributed the economic problem to population increase, climate change, conflict over resources, miss planning and marketing, calling for increasing production and productivity, boosting political accord and reducing expenditure.
He said NISS is working for preservation of the unity and security of the homeland and it fights outlaws besides combating corruption in all its forms.
He explained that his visit to Gezira State aims at getting assured on the national security, affirming stability of the security situation at all parts of the homeland.
It is noteworthy the US has declared its readiness to remove the name of Sudan form the list of states sponsoring terrorism provided that Sudan makes more reforms. The step found welcome from the Sudanese government.

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