Parties to Negotiations of the Two Areas Hold Consultative Meeting in Addis Ababa Today

Zuleikha Abdul Raziq

Khartoum- The parties to the negotiations on the two areas hold a consultative meeting with the African Union High-level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) in Addis Ababa today (Tuesday), following two meetings held by the government negotiating delegation, which is led by Presidential Aide Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, with the African mediation.
The government delegation held a number of consultative meetings with the international bodies concerned with Darfur peace as it also held a meeting on Sunday with the African mediation, which is headed by Thabo Mbeki.
The government delegation reiterated its approval to the proposals presented by the African mediation on the Roadmap.
It also held a second meeting with the African mediation at the premises of the negotiations in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa yesterday.
Minister of Information and Communications Bushara Juma Aror said in a press statement yesterday that the government delegation agreed with the African mediation during the second meeting that the other parties meet with the mediation after their arrival in Addis Ababa today (Tuesday) morning after which the two parties join the mediation in a consultative meeting on the presented proposals on the same day.
He added that the meeting with the African mediation tackled the proposals presented by the mediation for the negotiators.

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