Role of Women in Enhancing Religious Tolerance

Neimat al Naiem

Khartoum – In the context of implementing religious tolerance and forgiveness in the Sudanese society, the Supreme council of guidance and endowments organized a workshop in collaboration with my Compass Foundation for Sustainable Development. The workshop title is the role of woman in enhancing the concept of religious tolerance through upgrading generations. The workshop took place yesterday Tuesday 11th December 2018 at Hajj and Umrah Hall in Khartoum.
Dr. Abu Bakr Osman Ibrahim, state minister, the secretary general of the supreme council of Guidance and endowments addressed the workshop explained that sustainable development and stability would be realized through religious coexistence and tolerance.
He pointed to the role of Islam in implementing such important of the humanitarian values; he added that it is necessary to stand on these values. He appreciated the essential role woman inside the family and the society in general in spreading such values of tolerance and forgiveness. He noted to the threats of religious extremism and violence worldwide, he described Sudan as a country of religious coexistence and tolerance, assuring the distinctive relations between Muslims and Christians
Dr. Tabitha Boutros Shokai, , state minister at the ministry of Federal Bureau, noted to the importance of religious coexistence and tolerance in the whole society among Muslims and Christians. She pointed the major of women in realizing this tolerance beginning from inside the family to the whole society. Butrus stressed on the explained the effective role of mosques and churches, noted to the importance of the mediated unified religious speech. She pointed to the respect of the personal believes, ethics, in the different religions. She shed light on how the different regions called on tolerance, love among all people with their different belongings, religious, the rights of Muslims and Christians in worship and doing their prayers at mosques and Churches.
She appreciated the role of the Supreme Council of Guidance and Endowment as focal point to spread the religious awareness and tolerance in Sudan. She pointed to the historic recent visit of the President of the Republic Omer Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir to Vatican in the last few years, which pointed to the importance of religious tolerance in Sudan as a safe and secure country worldwide. She noted to the participation of the Coptic Church in Ramadan Iftar every year as sort of religious coexistence and tolerance in Sudan.
It worth mentioning that top officials Muslim and Christian leaders took part of the workshop represented the parliament, the Sudanese Council of Religious Coexistence SCRC and the Sudanese Council of Churches.

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