Director General of TIKA Reveals Projects Implemented by the Agency in Sudan

Shadia Basheri

In 1992, Turkey established the Turkish Coordination and Cooperation Agency (TIKA) to deal with the Central Asian countries by virtue of administrative decision No. 21124, which provides for humanitarian assistance to these countries, and to re-develop and rehabilitate them.
In the past, its work was confined to specific areas. After the arrival of the Justice and Development Party in 2002, the policy structure was to open up and expand the scope of (TIKA) to all regions of the world, especially the Balkans and Africa. Today, TIKA is expanding its support policy, with 58 offices worldwide, 60 in Africa and 18 in other countries. Today, TIKA is expanding its support policy, with 58 offices worldwide, 60 in Africa and 18 in other countries. TIKA has contributed a great deal of efficiency in the fields of development, disaster prevention and humanitarian assistance. In Sudan, a large number of humanitarian and service personnel provided details of this dialogue, which explains all the details, after meeting with the Director General of the Turkish Coordination and Cooperation Agency (TIKA) in Khartoum Jalaluddin Qovnji revealed the details of the trip to the Sudan and the most important projects implemented by the AgencyQ: Is TIKA aiming at promoting the policy of development cooperation with the least developed countries in the world?
A: Yes TIKA is an organization working in the humanitarian fields and cooperating with countries as needed
Q: What projects are implemented in Sudan?
A: According to the orders of President Erdogan and President Bashir’s request, the Nyala Sudanese and Turkish Hospital was implemented, which has been operating for 5 years, has been receiving about 120,000 patients. It also covers the need for displaced people from Chad and Central Africa.
Q: To what extent can the historical city of Sawakin, in the Red Sea state, match the tourist cities of Turkey?
A: The historical city of Swakin We are trying to strengthen its historical importance is a transit for pilgrims from Turkey and there are a number of investors interested in work in this aspect and will remain a tourist city.
Q: Are all the costs of restoration of the city of Sawakin at the expense of the Turkish government represented by TIKA or is there partnership with the Government of the Sudan?
A: The restoration was carried out with high material costs by TIKA. And Studies and researches were conducted with the Red Sea State, the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, the General Authority of Antiquities and Sudanese Universities.
The restoration in Sawakin is represented by the Shafi’i Mosque and the Hanafi Mosque, The work was carried out in the state building in the Red Sea.
Q: Turkey ranks high among countries in the world in terms of humanitarian aid and disaster prevention in the world, what is your comment on this subject?
Answer: Turkey ranks first in humanitarian field with 6 billion dollars World humanitarian aid so far 4 million refugees have been assisted.
Q: Is there a signature of agreements or protocols in the field of common services with the competent authorities in Sudan?
A: Projects implemented in Sudan are implemented according to protocols
Q: What are the obstacles facing you as an institution working in this field?
A: In fact, we have not had any problems. We always have assistance from the government and the Sudanese. I personally am in Sudan and I feel as if I am a Sudanese and that is a good feeling
Q: What are your plans and programs for this year?
A: Plans and programs, continuing projects that we started as restoration of archeology, health and water projects, training of cadres and others.
Q: Tell us how to set up policies and plans for the institution?
A: We have been in the Sudan since 2006 and we have so far 1500 projects and according to the orders of President Recep Erdogan and the request of the President Marshal Omar Al Bashir, the implementation of the Nyala Sudanese Turkish in western Sudan State of South Darfur works for 5 years and receives in the year about 120 thousand patients provides treatment and health services for patients in Chad or Central Africa.
We have a Turkish center that provides services to Sudan in the fields of electricity, mobile phones and electronic computers, and at least annually trained 1000 trainees, especially from the states of Greater Darfur.
The Sudanese were also sent to Turkey for training in some Auto machine
We have the Sudanese Turkish Center for Gene in Al-Managil. 19 calves have been imported from Turkey to improve the genes and improve the increase in milk and meat production. Application is for farmers to hybridize on farms
Q: Have development services been provided for the states’ most needed?
A: Each year we offer 50 tons of improved seeds and distributed to Darfur farmers in the five states as well as the Gezira and Sennar. This is the seventh year of distribution.
Q: How many beneficiaries of this project?
A: Beneficiaries are 1500 farmers and this project reduces the issue of displacement in the region, benefited from this project to develop the five Darfur states. The Sudanese –Turkish Training Center has been operating for 5 years and we have prepared it for maintenance and equipment, He explained that TIKA annually sends 10 midwives to be trained in Turkey. At the same time, specialized doctors from Turkey are being sent to train at the Sudanese-Turkish Center for the Reduction of Maternal Mortality.
We are also in the field of financial and health to send 200 people from Turkey of the same specialties to train those cadres in those areas, And also from our ongoing projects to restore the palace of Sultan Ali Dinars and will also be the restoration of the tomb of Sultan Ali Dinar.
On the island of Sawakin in the Red Sea State, the Hanafi Mosque, the Shafi’i Mosque and the customs building were restored; The Governorate building will continue to be restored.
After Erdogan’s recent visit, President Al Bashir dedicated to the restoration of the city of Sawakin and the restoration of its first journey, which can help pilgrims to pilgrimage as and tourists. The city of Sawakin is a historical city with an ancient historical heritage; we hope the restoration of this island to develop the Sudanese-Turkish relations to the best of what is now; the projects of these designs are carried out by the Turkish specialists in the field of geology and restoration and construction of engineers. And the restoration of cities began about 5 months after Erdogan’s recent visit and a protocol was signed to renovate the Grand Mosque in the Arab market and we set up a department for children and childbirth in the Kalakala Turkish Hospital and the restoration of the tombs of Turks in the Arab market, we signed a protocol between the Turkish government and the state of South Darfur Nyala to purify and improve the water in Nyala.
In Ramadan this year, 2 thousand Ramadan bags were provided to the owners of the need in South Kordofan. We want to improve the Sudanese infrastructure and benefit from the Turkish experience, especially TIKA, which works in this field.
Q: How many TIKA offices are in the world?
A: Our offices in 58 countries in the world and there are 60 offices in Africa and TIKA with high competencies in many areas have external relations with countries in the areas of development and prosperity, humanitarian assistance and disaster prevention.

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