In Arkaweet Conference:-

Prime Minister: New Economic Policies Started to Bear Fruits Low Inflation is Indicator for the Recovery of the Sudanese Economy

In Arkaweet Conference:-

Najat Ahmed

It seems that the policies of the economic reforms set by the government to face the challenges facing the country began to bear fruit, as reflected in practice in the positive transformation of the large decline in inflation after the sharp rise during the year, according to the general indicators of the report of the Central Bureau of Statistics announced by the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Mutaz Mousa in his address to the opening session of 14th Arkaweet Conference at the University of Khartoum on (The Current Sudanese Economic Problem)
The Prime Minister pointed out that his government would press ahead with implementing the new economic policie

s and maintaining control of the public funds in a view to realizing comprehensive economic reform based on scientific studies and research.
He indicated that the program for resolving the economic problems is led by exports, while that for development is led by education.
The duties of the government and the state are represented in good management of the macro-economy and realizing welfare for the people through identifying the resources and mapping out sound policies and objectives for the economic, monetary and sectoral institutions that form the economy of the country, Mousa added.
He affirmed that the government would press ahead with the economic reform process with the aim of stabilizing the exchange rate of the national currency and curbing inflation.
The Prime Minister indicated that he received yesterday a good report from the Statistics Bureau showing that the month of October witnessed drop in spending, an indication that the new policies have started to bear fruits.
He also referred to improvement realized in management of gold to boost its revenues to the national treasury.
The Prime Minister commended the role being assumed by the University of Khartoum in serving the issues of the homeland, especially the economic ones, noting that Arkaweet Conference tackles all issues that concern the Sudanese citizen, affirming that the recommendations of the conference would find due concern by the government.
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Al-Sadiq Al-Hadi Al-Mahdi renewed his ministry’s support for the university, praising its role in convening the conference. He expected that the university will provide more contributions to the country in all economic, political and other aspects.
Vice Chancellor of the University of Khartoum, Professor Ahmed Mohamed Suleiman said that the conference is taking place at the time that the country and the citizens are looking forward to coming out with a vision to end the current economic crises, pointing out that the university has held in its long history a series of intellectual, scientific and cultural forums, and that the Fifteenth General Conference of Arkaweet in 2019 will be held in the State of North Kordofan, where it will discuss issues of local governance, to help decision makers to develop policies that drive the national economy forward.
The Chairman of the Steering Committee of the conference, Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Onour said that the arrangements related to the conference began three months ago with the objective of diagnosing the economic reality, while the Secretary General of the Employers’ Union, Bakri Yousef said that the union supports the outcomes of the conference and that it will start implementing its recommendations, appealing to open border crossings with South Sudan for trade flows so as to support Sudan’s budget in 2019.
It is clear that the positive indicators achieved by the economic reforms adopted by the Prime Minister need further support and cooperation to push the Sudanese government’s sustainable development steps and that the economic reform program is proceeding according to a national agenda with the aim of improving the entrepreneurial climate, attracting foreign investment, providing more job opportunities, as well as the amendment of a number of important legislation issued in various economic and social fields, including the investment law, expressing his hope that the conference to reach a vision to end the economic crises.

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