Marring the Image of Sudan

Marring the Image of Sudan has Become General Feature in the Western Media: Razan:

Razan Abbas is an economic expert and a businesswoman residing in Switzerland married and a mother of a kid
Dr Razan spoke transparently in this dialogue touching on the fierce attack Sudan is exposed to from the part of western media for isolating it from its African and Arab arena for restricting its movement and divesting its economy which is rich with vast underground and above ground.
She demanded expelling the westerners from Sudan who adversely affect the Sudanese economy and opening the door for tourists and investors.
She further commended the bold step taken by the state for fighting corruption calling on all the expatriate qualified Sudanese cadres to return to the homeland for reconstructing it and building up the future of the coming generations.
Comparison between Switzerland and Sudan in the area of traditions and customs
Customs and traditions control public life and the individual and social behavior.
We the Sudanese nationals have customs and traditions that distinguish us from other peoples whereby the traditions of our people in the east, west, center and north of Sudan distinguish us from the whole world. Excerpts:Q: For Sudan to be attractive to businessmen and foreign investors what are the conditions that must be availed?
A: We have to accord attention to education and spend on it and if this is achieved Sudan will be the best country in the world. In Sudan there are agricultural, animal and mineral resources far bigger than the resources of Switzerland and even the entire Europe but despite that fact we find the per capita income in Switzerland the highest in the world while in Sudan the per capita income is classified under poverty line what are the reasons that led to the advancement of Switzerland and the backwardness of Sudan People in Sudan are preoccupied with investment in lands, restaurants and luxury cars whereas despite the fact that the population in Switzerland is small but it is the most advanced country in the worldQ: How did Switzerland reach this stage?
A: Switzerland’s economy is developed in agriculture and industry via giving attention to science and throughout the nineteenth century Switzerland availed a high level of prosperity in the twentieth century and this remarkable progress is due to neutral stance towards the twentieth century wars and it was able to build an economy that depends on advanced technologies that combines between the capitalist economy and the far reaching social welfare, it has outstanding relations network and a developed infrastructure as well as a highly skilled workforce, it also has resources like timber , water energy, raw iron , the companies owned by the private sector represent the majority of the industrial produce and the engineering sector is the biggest.Q: Did the Sudanese culture affect the Sudanese economy?
A: No it didn’t impact it , what impacted the Sudanese economy is the rampaging speculation on foreign currency and smuggling.

Q: Do you think ethnic diversity could have been used for the promotion of the country instead of leading to wars and secession and that each category or community doesn’t believe in the other?
A: Yes this has impacted Sudan economy by 70%. When touching on the issue of the tribe the nation, and the nationalism and classes in Sudan we need an in-depth study that elaborates the rise, unity, diversity, integration, tribal, national, class, cultural and ethnic melting and intermingling in Sudan so that we may achieve peace amidst the Arab tribes. In Sudan they drive away investors, jeopardize the economy and represent a heavy burden on citizens I personally is against the mobile taxes and if the experts came together they will find a solution to the problem of taxation currently overwhelming the world.

Q: Do you think of transferring your business to Sudan for supporting the economy?
A: I have the idea but the officials in Sudan are not encouraging investment and providing the services needed by the investor.

Q: What do you make of the agreement of southern factions in Khartoum which was signed yesterday will it assist in reviving the Sudanese economy via pumping petroleum?
A: South Sudan secession has a big impact on the deterioration of Sudan’s economy thus the factions coming together and their agreement on ending the war will contribute to the stability of the Sudanese economy.

Q: Can Switzerland assist in developing industry in Sudan?
A: Of course it is possible Switzerland is of the countries that cares about industry and it is aspiring for being one of the leading countries in industry and as you know the eastern countries like China, Japan and the two Koreas have become from the countries and their exports outpaced many of the world countries.

Q: Do you think Sudan is unjustly treated by western media and the western media reflects only the adverse image of Sudan?
A: The western media wants to mar the image of Sudan because it is fearing its progress which will be the strongest country in the world and they are fearing the heading of foreign investment towards Sudan and this oriented media wanted to destroy Sudan economically and in the Sixties and seventies Sudan was the destination of the businessmen and money owners and used it export and import and feed money of the world countries. Now the Sudanese government gave in to the plans of the west leading to the downfall of the economy while in the past years it turned to cooperating with the eastern countries for exporting industries to Sudan and recently started fighting corruption. In all the industries of the world we find the spirit of the authentic Sudanese national and the Sudanese qualified cadres are spreading across the world which are rare expertise and scientist whose likes are rarely found across time, they are the wealth of Sudan that must be maintained we hope they return for uprising of the homeland. The western media is promoting religious persecution between Muslims and Christians. I have travelled to Kadugli city with the British council of lords along with a group of journalist and we found a surprising religious solidarity and coexistence he priest in Kadugli spoke about the unique religious coexistence in Sudan and the members of the council were surprised about the accusations promoted in your opinion what is the intention of this oriented media
It is an excellent question but marring the image of Sudan has become a general feature in the western media because Sudan is lacking background and the first is damage of that is inflicted on the citizen not the government .

Q: Is Sudan is lacking in marketing and promoting its products and heritage and how is this marketing conducted?.
A: Promoting food products depends on industrial sectors not the government but the government owns the decision of exporting the products abroad and putting the idea forward and extending a helping hand to the companies in the sense of supporting the Sudanese private sector. Now Sudan can export cement, sand, lemon, guavas and onion

Q: What is your opinion about establishing a unit for fighting corruption and fat cats in Sudan?
A: Corruption will not eliminated unless the legislative assemblies in the capital and the states are changed and expelling all the aliens who entered Sudan and became a burden on the economy they are unproductive nationalities depending Sudan economy and not to open the door for living in Sudan as expatriates excepts investors, tourists and those who have money to support their living in Sudan so that the citizen may not be harmed in his livelihood and legalizing the foreign presence like what Malaysia did via its new government.

Q: What are your wishes now?
A: I wish I could go and shift my companies and business to Sudan for developing the Sudanese economy and reviving the spirit of work amidst the youths and delivering and facilitating all services and that things will go well in Sudan and from here I call upon all the expatriate Sudanese cadres to come back to the homeland because its blessing are sufficient for us and for the whole world

Q: Last word
A: I hope the government of Sudan would consider the condition of the country and work hard for promoting the country towards making people livelihood the first and basic concern of the government and looking into the turn of events in Sudan
I pray to Almighty Allah to change the tough conditions in Sudan to prosperity, drive away all evils from it

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