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Aror: Police and Security Forces Dealt with Demonstrators in Civilized Manner
Khartoum-Minister of Information, Communications and Information Technology and Official Government Spokesman Bushara Jumaa Aror has affirmed that police and security forces had dealt with the demonstrations the country witnessed on Thursday and Friday in a civilized manner without blocking them as the citizens were practicing a constitutional right that is guaranteed to them and as the crisis is known to the government, which is working to resolving it.
The official government spokesman said in a statement he issued Friday according to SUNA that the peaceful demonstrations had diverted from their path and changed due to acts by hidden elements to sabotage activities that targeted public and private institutions and properties by burning and destruction and attacking and burning some premises of police.
The statement added that some political circles attempted to utilize these situations to destabilize the security and stability to realize their political agenda, a matter that was clearly apparent in statements they had issued.
The statement explained that sabotage, committing aggressions against properties and creating panic and chaos are rejected and condemned practices that are against the law, affirming that the government would not tolerate any sabotage practices or violations to the law.
The statement indicated that despite the accumulation of the economic blockade and its effects on the Sudanese economy and the abundance of some basic goods and services, the government has been and is still making considerable efforts to provide the necessary basic goods and services.

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