We Know Where are Corruption Lurking Places

Zuleikha Abdul Raziq
Prime Minister: We Know Where are Corruption Lurking Places
Khartoum: Prime Minister Mutza Mousa has disclosed that the Council of Ministers is well aware of the lurking places of corruption , noting that the Auditor General Report is the basic reference that shows corruption and that the governmental companies are now being subjected to auditing.
Mousa said while responding to a report of the Higher Committee on studying the 2019 general budget project and the associated laws in the phase of public features ,the government will present to the National Assembly a clear report on governmental companies.
He went on to say that the budget of the state was audited by the Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning and proposed availing financing to the private sector in a most concessional way to bear its responsibility
He further outlined that economic freedom is of benefit to the people together with continual production.
The Prime Minister reviewed the causes of inflation and how to remedy them and find solution for them noting that the policies of the government are based on the traditional sector via the agricultural bank and the industrial production inputs were exempted from customs that is zero customs
He affirmed that budget deficit is a natural matter in all the budgets of the world and the deficit of 2019 budget is known and is being tackled in conformity with the international remedies methods.
He affirmed his endeavor to restore confidence between the government and the expatriates to transfer their funds.
He further disclosed that 150% of the fuel consumed in the country is availed by the government saying that benzene is not smuggled so there are no ques of benzene implying the smuggling of gasoline.

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