Government would Maintain Security of Citizens and Installations

Al-Sammani Awadallah
Al Bashir: Government would Maintain Security of Citizens and Installations

Khartoum- President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has stressed that the country would come out of the crisis it currently witnesses despite attempts by some circles to bring Sudan to its knees.
President Al Bashir added during his meeting with the commanders of the police forces in Khartoum yesterday said, “We will surpass the current stage with patience and continuous efforts,” affirming that “security is a precious commodity and we will protect the security of the citizens and installations,” and that the government is not a monopoly of one party and the National Dialogue has become a model for other nations.
President Al Bashir pointed out that Sudan was subjected to a blockade that lasted for 20 years and that the government is keen to find solutions and treatments for the crisis, saying that sabotage, destruction and looting would only deepen the crisis.
He added that Sudan is targeted by the enemies for the security and stability it witnesses, affirming that the government would not tolerate destabilizing the security of the country by any saboteur or agent.
President Al Bashir affirmed the satisfaction of the government over the performance of the police forces, saying that police has a big mission and that security is a precious commodity, hailing the police forces who are spread all over the country.
Al Bashir added that the police forces carry out their tasks in high professionalism, indicating that Sudan faces an economic challenge but despite the circumstances it undergoes now the country enjoys security and stability.

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