ONB Lunches Product for Financing Performance of Omrah Rite

Al-Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum- Omdurman National Bank (ONB) has launched at its Khartoum branch a new product for funding performing Omrah (small pilgrimage) in Saudi Arabia for the affiliates of trade unions, institutions, charity organizations, women unions and owners of investment deposits in an easy way that would enable employees at the public and private sectors to perform Omrah rite.
The launching ceremony of the service was attended by the ONB Deputy Director General Yahya Mohamed Mukhtar, Director of Manazil Al Motamir Agency Mohamed Al Haj and the Chairman of the workers trade union of building department of the Ministry of Physical Planning of Khartoum State Yasir Abdel-Rahim.
The official responsible for the service at ONB main branch Ghadah Al Tayeb explained that the product serves the said sectors by providing financing facilities to the clients of the bank for performing Omrah rite through the microfinance program.

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