2019 Plan Focuses on Provision of Basic Services in Voluntary Return Areas

Al-Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum-The Commission of Voluntary Return and Resettlement in Darfur States has disclosed the main features of its plan for the year 2019, which is to be implemented as of the current month of January. Commissioner of Voluntary Return and Resettlement Taj-Eddin Ibrahim Al-Tahir has said their plan for this year focusses on provision of basic services at the voluntary return areas in collaboration with the governments of the states and the international partners.
Al Tahir called on the national and international partners to contribute to the implementation of the plan of the commission for the year 2019, which is based on provision of potable water, education, health, police stations and means of livelihood, including provision of seeds for farming. He added that the commission and the governments of the five Darfur States implemented in the last year many service projects at the areas of voluntary return a matter that contributed to the stability of the voluntary returnees at their areas.
Al-Tahir affirmed that the commission would continue in coordination with the governments of Darfur states implementation of the three options to settle the issue of IDPs, which include voluntary return to their villages, resettlement or reintegration in the communities. He pointed out that he would visit the areas of voluntary return in North Darfur State during the coming two days to get acquainted on the needs of the returnees and how they would be met.

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