Behind Closed Doors

Hussam Ala’a Addin Mohammed – ADC student

Today we live in a world where it is mistakenly thought that the only place where slavery exists is in the black-and-white movies. Although we think slavery has been completely eradicated, but quite the opposite, it has been reported that the people being enslaved are rapidly increasing, making a staggering number of slaves. A number which is estimated to be more than it had ever been in history. This slavery is recently known as HUMAN TRAFFICING which is defined in the simplest term as the exploitation of someone using fraud, violence and coercion to make them work against their well with no way out. Therefore, the reasonable questions that arise are who are the victims; how could the victims – who are supposedly protected – be abducted, and yet they remain silent; and how widespread is human trafficking?
In fact, human trafficking could happen to everyone and to every segment of society. More specifically to kids and women, who are considered to be easy prey to human trafficking? The process begins when the trafficker, who usually seems above suspicion, offers bait by generously giving his victims irresistible offers to study or work with a high salary on the pretext of wanting to help them. Only when the victims travel does the surprisingly harsh reality burst the bubbles. They will find themselves in a totally different situation. What seemed to be a promising opportunity yesterday has become a nightmare! Not only do they find themselves severely deprived of the basic human rights, education and health care, but also they are badly treated in a non-humanitarian way, a way an adult cannot stand let alone a child!
Unfortunately, most cases are broken down into two main categories. First, sex trafficking in which women are intimidated, confined forcibly and turned to sex trade for the sake of money which collectively goes to the traffickers. In addition to the physical and emotional abuse they face. Secondly, labor trafficking, which specifically targets kids because they are highly vulnerable to being deceived and easy to manipulate. The younger the victim is, the easier it is to exert control over them. What could be easier than deceiving an inexperienced child?
With this in mind, of course, you would ask yourself why these victims do not make any attempt to run away. But it really pains to know that traffickers are so selective when it comes to choosing a victim. They tend to select a girl or a boy who does not have a family or close relatives. They condition them to believe that this situation is somewhat normal, and the ones who deviate from the norm and disobey them are the ones who deserve a corporal punishment in the eyes of the law. Thus, those children will take this situation completely for granted with no room for complaints. No one knows how serious repercussions this issue could have when having a desperate child with zero education level who ravenously seeks money by all means.
It has to be said that although human trafficking is rampantly spread, it is completely overshadowed and that is because it utterly happens behind closed doors. Little do people know about it? To remove the veil, we need to raise people’s awareness by addressing how dangerous it is to deal with anonymous people offering them appealing opportunities. Under no circumstances should our children give way to temptation of those people. Moreover, to make them turn blind eyes to the traffickers, we should provide them with all their needs. That will absolutely be deemed an ultimate deterrent to human trafficking.

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