Finance Ministry and Mills Agree on Flow of Wheat Flour

Sudan Vision

Khartoum- An agreement was signed between the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and the owners of flour mills Monday on the flow of wheat flour to provide 100,000 bags of flour daily to the various states of the country.The agreement was signed in the presence of National Prime Minister Mutaz Musa. State Minister at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning Muslim Ahmed Al-Amir, addressing the signing ceremony, affirmed according to SUNA increase of the financial support to bread production, affirming commitment of the state to provision of this basic commodity.
He pointed out that the agreed upon quantities of flour would be distributed to the various states of the country, 47,000 bags a day of which would go to Khartoum State as the quota of the other state amounts to 53,000 bags.Representative of flour mills owners Hassan Hussein, on his part, affirmed maintaining the flow of flour to the states in accordance with the agreement, praising the efforts being exerted by the Ministry of Finance to provide this basic commodity. The agreement was signed by the flour mills of Sayga, Wheata, Seen, Rotana and Al Hamama.

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