Presidential Aide Calls for Rational Dealing with Homeland Issues

Sudan Vision

Khartoum- Presidential Aide Maj. Gen. Abdul-Rahman Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi has affirmed that the Sudan is entering a new stage that requires unification of national ranks and accord among all sectors of the Sudanese society to confront the challenges facing the country, including the economic challenge. *He called on the political forces in the country to stick to rational dealings with the issues of the homeland and to contribute to its building and boosting security and stability over all its parts through giving advice, away from narrow political gains besides shunning disputes and conflicts.
He affirmed that the method of the state is to press ahead with enhancing and expanding participation by all sons of the homeland and its political and communal forces, without excluding any one, expressing confidence that Sudan would surpass this passing stage and return to the comprehensive development march based on the capabilities of its sons and its huge and diversified resources. Al Mahdi hailed according to SUNA during his address to the youth celebrations of the 63rd. anniversary of the Independence Day, which was organized by the Sudanese National Youth Union before the National Assembly premises in Omdurman yesterday the sacrifices made by the forefathers for attaining the Independence, indicating that celebrations of the Independence is a celebration of the highest values of freedom and dignity, where ” we review the history of a people that drew with their struggle glorious pages in the history of our African continent.”  The celebrations started with the Independence Marathon, which started from the house of the nationalist leader Ismail Al Azhari (the father of Independence) to the premises of the National Assembly. The speakers at the occasion were unanimous that the Independence Day celebrations are event that calls for exerting more efforts in the coming stage for the development and stability of the homeland.

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