The Youth Is the Future

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

The youth is the future, the future is the youth.The youth and the future will always be linked, because none can exist in the absence of another. A nation that fails to invest in the future of its youth is a doomed nation. The youth is a significant symbol of strength and persistence.It is very disturbing to see how today’s youth underestimate the importance of education.
Some of them drop out of school; some of them go to school without priorities, only a few of our youth understand the importance of education. Without education, your children can never really meet the challenges they will face as late African leader Nelson Mandela said. So it’s very important to give children education and explain that they should play a role for their country. The youth should wake up to the reality of today’s challenges and difficulties.
Today we are faced with; unemployment, drug abuse, human trafficking, terrorism, illegal migration and intercontinental crimes. We have to take a stand against anything and everything that threatens the possibilities of a brighter future. Today’s youth must learn to have a vision and focus. Our youth must definitely be redirected to reach greater heights.

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