The 2nd Annual Sudan International Medical

Haffiya Elyas-Elham El Shahir

The 2nd Annual Sudan International Medical, Health Care and Pharmaceutical Investment Forum and Trade Exhibition Concludes

The 2nd Annual Sudan International *Medical, Health Care *and * Pharmaceutical *Investment Forum *and Trade Exhibition *was *scheduled from 27-29 November, 2018 at the Grand Holiday Villa, Sudan. The conference attracted over 1000+ hospital CxOs, medical practitioners, healthcare IT leaders, service providers, and government functionaries, as well as a carefully selected roster of local and international speakers.
SIMPEX 2018 joins the dots between innovation and practicality, presenting the latest healthcare technologies and showcasing their practical application and integration into existing healthcare infrastructure. The agenda covered emerging technology trends in healthcare such as AI, IoT and wearables, electronic health records, healthcare data security and privacy, telemedicine, predictive analytics and much more. It*look at the impact that these technologies have on hospital operations and healthcare delivery.
The event was attended by Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Dealers and distributors, Retailers, Traders, Importers and Exporters, Governments and regulatory agencies, Local associations, Pharma and Medical institutions, Foreign commercial corporations, C-levels, Engineers, and Technocrats R&D professionals, Purchase officers of pharmaceutical companies, Doctors, Government officials .
Sudan Vision made a tour inside the exhibition and interviewed with*the supporting partners .One of these partners is ALGAM is an integrated company with activities in the fields of industry, Agriculture and healthcare. It is organized into four main divisions: Industry, Chemicals, Healthcare and agriculture. ALGAM Drugs and Chemicals Company founded in 1996, entered the market having a lot of concepts and ideas to improve and progress the service dealing in Sudan market, we are dealing with all medical sections to achieve satisfaction all customers’ needs.
Representative of *Beit Jala Pharmaceutical Company *said the company was established in 1969 as the first pharmaceutical company in Palestine, The company is manufacturing 180 branded generic drugs, all in compliance with cGMP regulations. With steady steps towards a healthier future, we built a company with a special vision targeting and enabling patients at all levels to have access to high quality products in compassing the following categories: Analgesics, Anti-Pyretic, Antimicrobials, Anti-Allergic, Vitamins, Eye &Ear preparations, Anti-Hyperlipidemia, Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Hypertensive, Venous diseases, Anti-epileptic, Proton Pump Inhibitors, Anti-platelets aggregation drugs and others. Beit Jala Pharmaceutical Company is considered a manufacturer of pure, safe and effective products.*
While the Representative of *Turkuaz healthjourney stated that they *started with the production of ultrasonics and ecg gels and it succeeded to be the pioneer of the industry and to realize the firsts. Argeye and its documentation have strengthened this position with investments, and since 2004, it has started to export. Today, 80% of the medical products it produces export to 125 countries. With some products it produces, it has started to be among the top 3 companies in the world. Since 2010, he has taken investment decision about otc, dermocosmetics and personal care products, which is growing every day.In this product group, which exports with a ratio of 90%, private labels are produced in many companies which are brand value in the domestic market.*
Hippocrates Medical Enterprises (HME), is a division of Hippocrates Medical group of companies. HME was founded in May 2000 to create a high standard in quality and availability of products required for the healthcare services in Sudan, with special interest in laboratories, and to cater for customers with the utmost attention.
We represent some of the most highly reputed multi-national companies in the world through sole agency/distributorship agreements for distributing, marketing and selling laboratory requirements. As a leading specialist in the field of medical investigation we offer a comprehensive product and service range to the highest quality and standards.
We *provide laboratory requirements including hematology, coagulation, chemical pathology, serology, one step, blood banking, and ELISA reagents, liquid handling products as well as medical instruments, chemicals, agars, sensitivity discs, disposables, dental and surgical instruments, Representative added.

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