Al Bashir: We Rejected Demand by Kenyan Airlines to cross Sudan Airspace to Israel

Sudan Vision

Khartoum- President of the Republic Field Marshall Omer Al Bashir has announced that his government has rejected a demand by the Kenyan Airways to cross Sudan airspace on their way to the Israeli capital city of Tel Aviv stressing that there is no reason that prompts his government to normalize relations with the Zionist state. Al Bashir said in an interview with Al Mustagila daily published from the British Capital city of London that investigations proved that the wide ranging espionage operations in the recent events were executed by elements that infiltrated the demonstrators.
He elaborated that the elements have infiltrated with their private agendas and some of them are loyal to armed movements trained in Israel and returned to Sudan for this purpose.
He affirmed that the Israeli campaign which was launched recently talking about nearness of normalizing with Sudan aims to failing people from being members of his government so that the government may not find someone to defend throughout the recent moves. He added that we have previously been advised that time has come for normalizing with Israel which will be a solution to our problems and the day of normalizing without a deal will come and our response is that we will not normalize with Israel not the first ones or the last to normalize.

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