Mutaz Calls for Code of Ethics on the Homeland

Editor in Chief

Khartoum – Prime Minister, Mutaz Musa has invited all the Sudanese media outlets chief-editors to a consultative meeting to deliberate the Sudanese crises aiming at reaching a common ground in resolving all the problems. The meeting, which took place yesterday at the premises of the Council of Ministers, was attended by all daily newspapers editors-in-chief, directors of radio broadcasting stations and TV channels besides economic experts.
Minister of Information spoke out on the purpose of the meeting describing the media as partners in views, affirming that this qualitative meeting comes while the constitutional period is inching towards its end and the concluding months of the economic program of the government.
Then, the chance was given to the editors-in-chief to speak out their views after which the Prime Minister commented on them.
Economic experts, editors, and directors of media outlets spoke on a wide range of important items among which are the indicators of the productivity, the importance of restructuring the government, reviewing the experiences of the decentralization, the strategic storage, the taxation, corruption, the deficit, the effect of the security measures on the budget, the crises of fuel, bread and cash, foreign relations, the matrix proposed by the private sector to revive the economy, the investment, exchange rate, the recent protests and subsidies. All the attendees agree on the importance of such deliberative meetings as it will lead to smart initiatives. Commenting on the items raised in the deliberations, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Mutaz Musa said that all of the Sudanese should differentiate between the homeland and the government, calling for a code of ethics on the homeland and to leave our political battles to be resolved through ballot boxes. He described the recent protests as an important exercise and sent a clear message.
The Prime Minister said the differences on views and thoughts should only be in favor of the continuation of our stable homeland. He enumerated the steps taken to contain the crises of fuel, bread and cash, affirming that the procedures are going on smoothly through a scientific approach the fruits of which will appear in the near future. Musa emphasized the importance of the continuation of consultations for the sake of the homeland. He concluded by calling on the media as a partner to continue its awareness mission in supporting the dialogue as the sole option to resolve all the crises. More Details in our upcoming issues.

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