Police: Arms and Ammunition Seized in Ethiopian Borders

Zuleikha Abdul Raziq

Khartoum-The Security Police forces have seized big quantities of different types of arms and ammunition along the eastern borders of Gedarif state which is adjacent to Ethiopia on their way to outside the borders Police Director General Lieu General Police Al-Tayeb Babikir has affirmed at the police premises their commitment to combating the cross-border crimes. He was acquainted on Sunday with the seizure describing the operation as a big achievement and a continuous effort of police and their plans towards protecting the citizen and the homeland He said the seizure enhances the concept of the Sudanese police of not failing to perform its security duty along the borders with the neighborhood countries and that the police are performing their work well for the benefit of the Sudanese people and border protection. Babikir added that Sudan is exerting every effort in combating the cross-border crimes and the police are sacrificing for the sake of the security and stability.
For his part the director of the general administration of security police Brigadier Mohamed Abdallah Al Naiem elaborated that the seizure was tracked by teams from the said administration in Gedarif in consistency with accurate information whereby the arms and the accused were seized at the eastern borders with Ethiopia.
Meanwhile parliament mps are scheduled to listen in their session on Monday to the response of the Minister of Interior Ahmed Bilal Osman on dealing with demonstrators whereby the government confirms its commitment to the freedom of expression and the citizen right to peaceful expression but it rejects sabotage in demonstrations. The National Assembly will state its opinion on the reports of the committee of public grievances and the administration and labor on the bill of the Act of union of the profession of animal and agricultural production organizations.

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