Al Bashir: Demonstrations and Sabotage Acts Will Not Change the Government

Al-Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum/ Nyala – President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has affirmed that the mass rally in Nyala, capital of South Darfur State, sends a signal to the external world that Sudan is guarded by its people, stressing that demonstrations and sabotage acts will not change the government, but it is changed through the ballot boxes.  Al Bashir, addressing a mass rally in South Darfur State capital of Nyala yesterday, stressed that Sudan will remain unified, secure and developed country despite all problems, adding that “yes there is an economic problem that we are working to solve.”
He indicated that it is hoped that all crises would be surpassed as Sudan is rich with its natural and human resources, saying that “peoples come to Sudan from all parts of the world as a safe haven and the Sudanese people share their food with them according to their customs and traditions.”
President Al Bashir accused some circles of working to destabilize the country, saying “there are some circles who do not want to see stable Sudan,” adding that the government would not allow any act of sabotage to happen. He expressed appreciation to the people of Nyala for their support and backing, saying that Nyala has sent a signal that the Sudan is guarded by its people.
Al Bashir expressed thanks to a number of countries that had send high-level delegations to get assured on the situations in the country, including Egypt, Ethiopia and Chad.
The President of the Republic reiterated call on the arms holders to join the peace march, pledging to provide services to the returnees in Darfur states. The Governor of South Darfur State, Engineer Adam Al Faki, affirmed cohesion of the people of the state with their various components, saying that Al Bashir is the guarantor of all what had been agreed upon by the Sudanese people, affirming that Darfur now witnesses security and stability, voluntary return, development and end of tribal conflicts.
Minister of Information, Communications and Information Technology Bushara Gumaa Aror, on his part, congratulated the people of Darfur for the security and stability they enjoy, saying that the government of the national accord has come to implement the outcome of the National Dialogue and that they would not allow any person to stop the march of the national dialogue, affirming that President Al Bashir is the guarantor of the interests of the Sudan.
The representative of the political parties and movements that signed peace, Kamal-Eddin Mustafa, on his part, welcomed President Al Bashir visit to Nyala, reaffirming their support to the National Dialogue Document.
He also affirmed their support to the nomination of President Al Bashir to a new presidential term.
The representative of the native administration in South Darfur, Salah Mohamed Al Fadul, affirmed welcome of the native administration and the citizens of the state to the visit of President Al Bashir, which coincided with the celebrations of the country of Independence Day, expressing thanks to the President for responding to their invitation.
He affirmed that South Darfur State witnesses now full security and stability and success of the agricultural season thanks to the efforts of the security organs and the campaign for arms collection, saying that the tribal conflicts have come to an end and there will be no retreat to the past, referring to voluntary return of big numbers of IDPs.
He lauded the leaderships of the movements that responded to the National Dialogue call.

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