Al Bashir: Green Square Rally Evidence that Sudan will not Collapse

Zuleikha Abdul Raziq
Al Bashir Calls on the Youths to Unify Rank for Handing over Power to them … Political Forces Demand Taking Crucial Decisions Speedily for Mitigating Citizens Livelihood Burden

Khartoum- President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has affirmed that the Sudanese people rally at the green square is a message to the whole world that Sudan is safe and will not follow suit of other collapsing countries. He said all the properties and facilities are owned by the people stressing that the government will not allow sabotage and will deal decisively with those he called the saboteurs of the properties of the Sudanese people sending a message to those who believe that Sudan will collapse like other collapsing countries.
Al Bashir said he who wants to rule the Sudan let him resort to the election ballots and the constitution saying he who wants the power the decision on that is to be taken by the people.  He said we shall remain standing tall like a palm tree that dies standing up calling on the youths to unify their ranks and be prepared and strengthen their determination and we are ready to stand by them and hand over power to them through polling stressing that the elections will be free fair adding that he will salute what the people opt for. He further saluted the Armed Forces which preserved the security and stability of the country and he also hailed the police and security forces that preserved the properties of the country from the saboteurs.
He went on to say that those who sabotage the properties of the people will be dealt with decisively ,stressing that these masses today is a message for those who believe Sudan will collapse like other collapsing countries .
He added that Sudan which is endowed with resources is continuously exposed to targeting ever since the independence up to now so as not to perform its duty towards its continent and the regional and international community.

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