Electronic Accreditation Authority Role in Securing Electronic Transactions

Zuleikha Abdul Raziq

The telecommunication market is nowadays highly dependent on digital services via using mobile telephone in the service of electronic authorization which enable the spread of authentic electronic transactions. The National Accreditation Authority is the highest authority in the state which is concerned with laying down basis for electronic certificates and electronic signature to be as a third party that guarantee the safety and credibility of transactions and their legal validation.
Sudan is now aware of the need for coping with the speeding advancement of technology and the culture of information a matter which motivated it to obtain the special technologies and it was deprived from having international professional certificates and prevented from logging into international companies websites.
However still there are constraints impeding the big projects that can push forward the success of electronic government in which the state exerted considerable effort for achieving it. Top of these said challenges is that the governmental institutions are unaware of the need for the electronic accreditation certificates and what they turn out to be.
Meanwhile Prime Minister Mutaz Mousa has inaugurated the program of the infrastructure project and the national general key along with launching the service of electronic signature which was organized by the Ministry of Information and Information Technology and the National Authority of Electronic Accreditation last week at As Salam Rotana Hotel.
The Prime Minister affirmed and Finance Minister Mutaz Mousa has affirmed the importance of infrastructure project of the national key and the service of electronic signature and its significance in reform the progress of the economy along with processing the project of Electronic government.
Mutaz highlighted the need for applying the up to date technology in all the domains of the State which are based on transparency of promotion to cope with the international variables and preparedness for competing with nations outlining the need for applying electronic revenue collection which will contribute in lifting the economy from the critical phase it is going through.
He directed speeding up completion of the digital transformation projects and linking them with the electronic payment operations with the aim of totaling halting dealing in cash.
The Prime Minister further pledged to support the said project and directed the two ministries of Interior and all the relevant agencies to effect firm coordination for implementing the project on all the transactions and procedures noting that the project is spreading widely and of low cost and it is more secure calling for approving public policies and providing locations for informatics systems and training cadres.
For his part the Minister of Information and telecommunication Bushara Jumma called for abandoning dispute and verbal exchange saying that nations are built by good dealings, solidarity and awareness not by dispute
Meanwhile the general manger the National Authority for electronic accreditation Mohamed Abdulmajid outlined that the infrastructure and national key aims at developing the national economy and all the necessary services for the citizens and development adding that they worked on building up the digital infrastructures and the project includes the services of electronic accreditation along with preserving the rights of dealers by applying the items of informatics Act 2007 amendment 2015 pledging coordination with all the relevant bodies
The National Authority of Electronic Accreditation has last week organized at the communications tower a workshop on mobile telephone application for delivering electronic service. Present in the workshop were the state Minister at the Ministry of Information and Communications Mamoun Hassan Ibrahim and Mustafa Abdulhafiz, the Undersecretary of the Ministry along with the directors of the units affiliated to the Ministry , the Director of the National Information Center
State Minister at the Ministry of Information and Communications and Information Technology Mamoun Hassan Ibrahim said the upcoming phase require concerted efforts and coordination between the convened agencies for completing the steps of digital transformation noting that digital transaction is now prevailing and the state is according big attention to it affirming that the workshop is a key element for launching electronic services as it gives a successful scientific prescription and specialized aspects for supporting the practical side in coordination with companies for assisting decision takers .
He further affirmed confidence in the scientific cadres for delivering what is of benefit to the citizen and operating companies and the citizen equally
He said Sudan is advanced in the field of communications as testified by experts calling improving services for the satisfaction of the beneficiary calling on the communications company , experts and scholars to coordinate roles and cooperate for completing the steps of electronic transformation hailing communications companied for delivering services and societal responsibility noting that the ministry is operating with the spirit of a single team affirming that the recommendations of the workshop will be an action plan for implementing the requirements of the current phase and boosting communication underscoring the provision of governmental support.
According to the memorandum of the president of the National Authority for electronic accreditation engineer Mohamed Abdulmajid the accreditation will make the transactions more safe as it is characterized with a strong reference of legal backing while the application of the electronic accreditation certificate is a necessity required by the current parameters and it is imperative and required by electronic transactions noting that it is characterized by settling disputes.
Abdulmajd noted that the accreditation certificate is not commercial describing at as national as it contributes in resolving the disputes of the dealers calling on the media to enlighten the institutions so that the transactions are wide may become spreading demanding discipline in applying the system of electronic revenue collection as it is the first step towards electronic government. Abdulmajid outlined that coding is a strong security wall against hacking whereby it is a method of transferring data or storing it in a manner that any unauthorized person may not be able to read them pr benefit from them in any manner whatsoever.
He further elaborated that the electronic accreditation is a service delivered by the National Authority for Electronic Accreditation or the providers of the service electronic authentication after obtaining the consent of the National Authority for Electronic Accreditation and this service avails to individuals and the governmental and private institutions conducting their electronic transactions on a high level of confidentiality and authentication and the legal validation
Abdulmajid numbered the benefits of electronic authorization used in securing electronic transactions adding that it gives a collection of benefits represented in recognized electronic transactions along with full protection of personal data sent between two parties , proving identity electronically via electronic deals without the need to go to the premises of the service and the possibility of conducting a legally recognized electronic signature which is a legal tender in addition to non-faking or denial ) with the possibility of verification of the electronic transaction and preventing data manipulation in addition to saving time, money and effort.
He noted that the electronic transaction which is conducted via the use of electronic accreditation is listed under the Act of Electronic transactions for the year 2007 amendment 2015 and by this it ha the same legal force and of higher authenticity than paper tradition transactions which depends on manual signing or the traditional seal which used to need the attendance of the person to prove his identity. Abdulmajid said during the workshop said the Authority set out on preparing an infrastructure for securing the transactions stressing the importance of the upcoming phase and the Authority has developed its policies and issued the general national key and the Key of the Authority of accreditation for issuing the certificate of authorization and electronic signature.
He noted that the services delivered by the said Authority are necessary for securing electronic dealings and give them confidence and legal validation outlining that this period has seen scrambling for accessing electronic services and electronic payment a matter that puts the sector before a big challenge for protecting the transactions , He said the use of mobile telephone in the service of electronic accreditation is one of the easiest means for availing electronic services for the two public , private sector and for the citizens.
He outlined that the Authority has completed preparations for launching the service of electronic signature after the recent inauguration of the national root for Sudan noting that launching these services represents one of the most important factors which will enhance confidence in electronic transactions and guarantee its safety and its legal validation between the parties in the light the country orientation towards computerizing services. Stressing that the said service will be launched next month and it will represent a basic pillar in circulating documents electronically saying that any document that doesn’t contain an accredited electronic signature will not be valid and will have no legal force or safety.
The Director of the National Authority of Electronic Accreditation demanded all the institutions and companies not deal with any coding organization unless after having the consent of the Authority and its approval to guarantee the right of the dealers  He affirmed that transformation to electronic transactions and services has now became an international orientation due to its role in facilitating business and making people life easy by the effort and money it saves and support of the economy outlining that they are seeking to spread these services via the media outlets including mobile telephone.
For his part the international expert Mr. Chery Zamieri at the leading company of Gemalto in the field of securing transactions and electronic signature has underscored the constructed infrastructure for the national key which is the main base on which all the electronic services and transaction like electronic trade , banking and electronic payment and electronic services and the use of the electronic identity , electronic signature through the use of the smart card of the mobile telephone is the easiest fastest safe methods for electronic accreditation , electronic trade and all the electronic services . The communication market no longer depends on selling capacities but it depends on digital services which is mainly dependant on the electronic accreditation and electronic signature via the mobile and the use of the electronic identity and signature will enable digitalizing all the services and transactions and contributes to the project of the brilliant government and the smart cities a matter which saves spending on lots of infrastructures .
The expert affirmed the economic viability of the digital transition and the electronic authorization via the mobile realize gains for the operators of communications and contributes in facilitating business for the sake of the homeland and the citizen. It is worthy of note that the electronic signature means ( a signature originated sent or received or stored by an electronic mean and it takes the form of letters or numbers or symbols of singular nature allowing determining the identity and identifying the personality of the signatory from others.

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