Government Spokesperson: We Call on Holdout Parties to Join Dialogue

Zuleikha Abdul Raziq

Khartoum-Minister of Information, Communications and Information Technology, Bushara Jumaa Aror has called on all the holdouts and opposing parties to resort to dialogue and negotiation. He said our motto now is “The homeland is for everyone” and dialogue is the perfect common platform for reaching a national accord and we say our correct motto is “let’s negotiate” and any attempt of twisting or introducing alternative issue represents a threat.
He said there is no dialogue with the demonstrators but their demands must be met and their aspirations and yearning are to be realized as this is the duty of the stat. He added that it is well known that dialogue takes place between two parties on issues of political nature put forward for discussion
He noted that the outcomes of the dialogue are embodied now after three years of dialogue in the current government (the national consensus government).
Thus the dialogue is open for the holdouts and opposing parties that should resort to dialogue and negotiation, he noted.
Commenting on a question on the turn of some forces in the wake of the recent events to announce exiting national dialogue system in which they had participated; the Minister said these parties have exited due to imperfect judgements and the conditions proved them as incorrect. They didn’t assess the matter perfectly and they believed the government boat is tilting and may sink so they are to jump out to come aboard the demonstrators as they judged it.

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