Ministry of Interior Affirms Stability of Situation

Najat Ahmed

In the Aftermath of the Recent Protests

Sudan has seen over the past few days demonstrations in many of its cities in which not more than nineteen persons were killed and 219 wounded in the protests and demonstrations Sudan Vision Interviewed the State Minister at the Ministry of interior Musa Mohamed Ahmed Madibo in the following dialogue.

The Situation is Quiet and under Control

The Ministry of Interior has affirmed stability of security conditions across the states of Sudan in the aftermath of the of the events many states have seen while the police disclosed busting a cell that manufacture incinerating bombs for distributing to all the localities of Khartoum.
State Minister at the Ministry of Interior affirmed that he held a plenary meeting with a number of police commanders and listen to a briefing on the situation across the Sudan which is witnessing a security stability highlighting the state attention to entrenching the pillars of security and stability in the country.

He said the police force is capable of maintaining the prevalence of peace and security in the country to preserve the lives and properties of citizens adding that the situation is under control>
He praised the police for maintaining peace and security noting that the country is need of such effort as security in the current situation has become direly needed in the world and the Sudanese Police is a well established body characterized by discipline and harmony.
He announced cooperating with all for establishing the state in which the rule of law, the right and duty are prevailing. These are the targets all the state is geared towards implementing it.
Madibo ascertained the ability of the security forces to encounter who ever attempts to mess with the resources of the people and the properties of the citizens.

He went on to say that the security and police forces have dealt with high professionalism and self-restraint to deny the opportunity for those who are seeking sabotage saying that these acts are an attempt to cause security destabilization and this is a matter that requires mulling noting that the police forces are in the state of full alert for more than a week
Madibo regretted attempt the attempt of some of the political forces to provoke sedition and undermine the security and stability of the country by work towards triggering unrest to blow up stability and sabotaging the properties and resources of the people.
He said the right of expressing the stance and opinions is guaranteed by the constitution but sabotage is unacceptable and rejected noting that the events that occurred in some of the states of Sudan is not consistent with the concept of the peaceful demonstrations describing it as an attempt to destabilize stability and security.

He said it is regrettable these events come from the part of a limited category that sought to trigger sedition by a plot from the part of saboteurs and outlaws who want the homeland to experience a state of security and political instability at the time when the crisis is on its way to relief.

What are the Efforts made by the Ministry of Interior for Political Stability?

I extend my thanks to Sudan Vision Daily. The Ministry of Interior is in a traditional mission of providing security in Sudan as it comprises a lot of units working on maintaining order and security, protecting citizens lives, properties, namely preventing crimes and busting them dignity and freedoms in coordination with the state Authorities and bodies in consistency with the constitution and the law while the Ministry of Interior undertakes the following tasks and competencies:

Drawing up the general policy of the activity of the Ministry and its affiliated bodies in the security field in the framework of the general policy of the state as well as laying down the required plans and programs for implementing them.
Organizing and managing security affairs in the different spheres, combating all types of crimes and removing its causes in a manner that realizes stability, order and public interest and working towards providing security protection for celebrations , festivals and the official and popular events in addition to combating riots acts and security violation phenomena, protection from narcotics and psychotropic substances and combating them in conformity with the along with preparing reviews of bills, systems and agreements related to the activity of the Ministry and other tasks and competencies assigned to it as per the valid laws and systems.

The police forces are deployed across all the territories of Sudan and now we are in a new phase particularly after forming the new government, the Ministry of Interior has three priorities, these are organizing and managing the civil records, issuing the personal identity cards and family cards as per the law, securing election, improving police service and improving prisons environment. these issues are the top priorities of the countries as the national number is linked to practicing the democratic rights as anybody who doesn’t have a national number has no right to vote in the upcoming elections thus we encourage the Sudanese people to have the national number so that they may not lose their right in addition to managing security.

You mentioned that one of your priorities is improving conditions in prisons how are the conditions in prisons now?

Generally the prisons environment in Sudan needs improvement as there are reformatory inmates on the model of Al Huda city so that the inmates may have care in which all reform activities are practiced in addition to educational and religious programs under the supervision teachers and experts in this field.

With regards to the elections to be held in 2020 what are the measures, plans and programmes prepared?

Plans and programs were laid down for securing elections via deploying police forces across the territories of Sudan it is true that in the previous year’s no case of fraud was registered however in the year 2020 precautions must be taken so we laid down a firm plan and a totality of steps for guaranteeing elections integrity. The campaign of arms collection which is launched across all the territories of Sudan leading to ending disputes and improving human right conditions will you personally continue the campaign?
The campaign of arms collection which is launched across the country comes in conformity with a political will for supporting the efforts of the state that contribute in reducing armed violence , realizing peace, stability in Darfur, boosting human rights conditions and increasing and economic human activity in Darfur all that have reflected on the stability of citizens conditions and the participation in arms collection , enhancing services projects and we will not forget the big role played by the African Union and the effective partnership with the disarmament commission in enhancing stability in Sudan Yes the ministry of interior will continue supporting the initiative of arms collection and will work strongly in conformity with the guidelines the High Committee of Arms Collection and activating the regional mechanism for arms control.

Do you think the current legislations and laws sufficient for meeting security challenges and combating crime rampage and the cross-border crime?

The laws are sufficient and the crime of human trafficking is one of the cross-border crimes it has laws but it needs training of more forces for combating it .our forces are now deployed along the borders and many cases were busted.
The organized criminal act is one of the most important challenges facing not only Sudan but it constitutes the most dangerous modes of crimes in the modern day era whereby the crimes of money laundering, human trafficking, smuggling immigrants, arms and narcotics pose a regional and international threat and spread dangerous impacts as a result of factor that assist its growth like armed conflict and corruption.
In addition to the traditional forms of organized crime crossing the border the organized groups resorted to using what is known as modern technologies in committing crimes and concealing their return a matter that led to developed crimes known as cybercrime.
The police forces are ready for securing the plan of securing the state and the upcoming elections in consistency with the laid down plans while the securing operation comes as part of the regular plans of polices forces throughout the year which are implemented with professionalism and capability as per the cumulative experiences.>/p>

We are seeking to enlighten the citizens on his rights to enable citizens to exercise their rights in the elections of 2020 safely in the different centers We continued to recommend the need of sticking to professionalism in performing police tasks and in serving citizens highlighting intensifying police presence towards realizing citizens’ satisfaction across all the territories of the country.

The criminal and security situation in Sudan

The security and criminal situation in Sudan indicates a remarkable decline in filed suits particularly the crime of public tranquility, common civilities, religions and other laws, community security and the continuation of the preventive work plan via the night patrols and check points and the intensive police deployment at the roads and cross-roads and spreading tranquility among the citizens and imposing the state image and the rule of law.

What do you make of the level of security cooperation on the regional and international levels?

There is a public administration of borders that undertakes realizing the sovereignty and legal stability of the country with the neighborhood countries and it accords attention to the issue of border demarcation and laying down guidance marks along with establishing a database for maintaining all the maps and charters and the regional and international treaties related to borders.
We reviewed in the past days with a number of European and African officials the issues of illegal migration, smuggling, human trafficking, refugees influx, combating adverse phenomena at the accommodation camps in addition to providing support to the hosting communities.

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