NCP Leaderships Congratulate Coptic Churches on the Occasion of Christmas

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum-The Social Secretariat of the National Congress Party (NCP) has continued its social program of extending congratulations to the Coptic churches and Coptic personalities in the Sudan on the occasion of Christmas Day.
A delegation of the NCP, led by Secretary of the Social Department of the party, Dr. Maha Ahmed Abdelaal, paid a visit Monday to Reverend Filothous Faraj at Dar Alelaj hospital where he underwent a surgery and extended to him congratulations on Christmas Day, wishing him speedy recovery. The delegation then proceeded to congratulate prominent Coptic figure Joseph Makin at his house in Riyadh quarter in Khartoum. The delegation also paid a similar visit to Martha Joseph in Omdurman to congratulate her on the occasion.
The NCP Secretary of Social Affairs, Dr. Maha Ahmed Abdelaal, said Sudan enjoys religious and social coexistence, which is considered as model in the area, calling for boosting the spirit of tolerance and coexistence among all components of the Sudanese society. Dr. Maha, which led a high-level delegation of the NCP to extend Christmas congratulations at the Orthodox churches in Khartoum and Omdurman, conveyed congratulations of the Chairman of the party, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir and his deputy Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim on the occasion of Christmas.
His Grace Anba Elia, the Bishop of Khartoum, expressed appreciation for the congratulations by the leaderships of the NCP on the occasion of Christmas, hailing the spirit of brotherhood prevailing among Muslims and Christians in Sudan. His Grace Anba Elia said Muslims and Christians in Sudan live in spirit of love, peace and brotherhood, calling for enhancing the spirit of peace and stability in the country witnesses.
His Grace Al-Anba Serabamoon, the Archbishop of Omdurman, Atbara and North Sudan, on his part, affirmed the capability of the leadership of the state to overcome the passing economic crisis the country witnesses. His Grace affirmed importance of boosting religious coexistence, stressing that Sudan reflects a distinguished model in this field. Al-Anba Serabamoon called on the Sudanese people with their various affiliations to work for boosting unity and stability of the country and enhancing the spirit of peaceful religious coexistence which characterizes the country.

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