NCP Speeds Up Peace Measures, Al Bashir to Address Sudan Peace Tomorrow

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum-The Political Sector of the National Congress Party (NCP) has presented a proposal it described as strong for speeding up peace measures as it is one of the hinges of national unity. The Party renewed the need for upholding the value of dialogue with the different political and societal components particularly the youths and the broad sector which is not loyal to the party and preparing an appropriate discourse for this purpose. The meeting of NCP political sector reviewed the repercussions of the recent events seen by the country and underscored the remedies taken.
The chairman of the sector Abdul Rahman Al-Khidir announced that the members of the sector presented an in-depth and transparent analysis of the current situation and affirmed all the remedies taken. He said the party has acknowledged the impacts of the economic conditions on the political spectrum as they are the two sides of the same coin noting that the proposals will be presented to the economic sector to be adopted by the party.

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