Sudan to Export Seven Million Heads of Cattle, Establish 14 Slaughterhouses

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum-State Minister at the Ministry of Animal Resources, Fisheries and Pastures, Engineer Alsadiq Fadlallah said his ministry is to export seven million heads of cattle in the year 2019. He said in his meeting with Omani investor Yagoub Suheil that six thousand heads of living cattle have been exported of which five thousands exported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the rest to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Egypt in addition to exporting nearly 15 thousand tons of meat in the previous year.
He elaborated that Sudan is endowed with vast and diverse numbers of animal resources and his ministry will conduct new census of animal resources in Sudan highlighting the natural pastures on which animals feed The minister disclosed a number of spheres of investing in animal resources while his ministry is planning to increase its exports by constructing 14 modern slaughterhouses noting that they have three slaughterhouses for export in Port-Sudan and the coast while Kadaro slaughterhouse is expected to start work in March this year with a capacity of 10500 heads per day.

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