Political Forces: National Dialogue is the Only Way Out

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – Leading figures in political parties agreed that the only way out from the crises overwhelming the country is the dialogue. They said, in a deliberative forum titled (Sudan Youth in Future Dialogue), that the people took to the streets in demand of bread, fuel and cash but some political circles wanted to politicize those demands.
The forum recommended the necessity of launching dialogue with the new generation. NCP leading figure Ammar Bashari said that his party in satisfied with the change according to the reform document of the party, so there were changes in the leaderships and ministers, affirmed that most of the institutions now are run by youth such as GIAD and Dams Unit. He affirmed that 75% of the NCP membership is from the youth.
Umma Party leading figure Hassan Ismail described Sudan as the best country in terms of political vitality compared to Arab, Asia and African countries, calling on the youth to mount the value of accepting others besides forwarding a new economical vision. PCP leading figure, Dr. Malaz Abdallah Mirghani said that her party’s participation in the recent protests came from their belief on the necessity of change according to democratic approach without the exclusion of youth, pointing out that all the national document political parties are committed to the implementation of the national dialogue outcomes.
Liberation and Justice Party leading figure said that 90% of his party are from the youth, calling for patience till all the outcome of the national dialogue are implemented.

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