Prime Minister Inaugurates Youth Markets Project

Abdul Raziq

Khartoum- National Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Mutaz Musa has inaugurated at the Green Square in Khartoum the project of youth markets for sale at factory prices as part of youth economic support program, which is organized by the Sudanese National Youth Union.
The occasion was attended by Chairman of the Sudanese National Youth Union Mahmoud Ahmed Musa, the Minister of Trade of Khartoum State and representatives of companies and industries.The Chairman of the Sudanese National Youth Union explained that the markets would be available throughout the year to contribute to reduction of prices of consumer commodities for the citizens, praising the contributions of the national industries and companies.He disclosed that the union sponsors in partnership with the owners of national factories and companies an economic project to ease the living conditions of the citizens, saying that more than 53 factories and companies have already started selling commodities to the citizens at factory prices.
Minister of Industry and Trade of Khartoum State Dr. Gafaar Ahmed Abdallah, on his part, affirmed support of the government of the state to the youth project for provision of consumer goods to the citizens, calling for generalizing of the experience to cover all the localities, lauding the initiatives of the youth union.

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