Khartoum Affirms Reviving Cooperatives for Mitigating Citizens Livelihood Burden

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum: Khartoum State Governor 1st Lt.Gen. Hashim Osman Al Hussein has paid a visit yesterday to the General Cooperative Union in Khartoum State and he was accompanied by the Minister of Trade , Industry and Investment at the State Jaafar Ahmed Abdalla , Commissioner of Khartoum Locality Gen. Police Mohamed Ahmed Ali and Dr. Adil Abdulaziz Ali the General Manager of the Sector of Trade , Cooperation and Consumer Affairs at the said ministry .
The governor affirmed the big role the cooperative can play via activating their role in serving the citizen noting that the state is working on mitigating livelihood burden off the citizen in terms of action and motto adopting in this regards several actions like the discount sale markets , the markets of producers and cooperatives and working on controlling the market via spreading the said markets.

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