NCP Launches Initiative for Healing the Rift, Warns Against Polarization


Khartoum: The National Congress Party (NCP) has announced launching an initiative of healing the rift and warns against the current severe polarization, Sudan is seeing ever since the 19th of last December protests against the deterioration of livelihood conditions calling for the downfall of the government of President Al Bashir. The statement said according to Anadulo that the initiative is addressing all the sons of the homeland in the wake of the sever wave of polarizations being witnessed by the community due to the economic crisis the county is going through, NCP Secretary of Social Secretariat Maha Ahmed Abdulal said the initiative comes under the motto “ Difference of Opinion Does Not Spoil Goodwill “ The initiative aims at maintaining social cohesion NCP official said via efforts to be led by the native administration men (native leaders including tribal leaders) Sufi sects.

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