Kibir Affirms Concern of Presidency with Boosting Culture

Al Sammani Awadalla

Khartoum- Vice President Osman Mohamed Yusuf Kibir has stressed importance of the continued dialogue meetings with the people of culture, thought and innovations as the sector is important for building the national sentiments.
Kibir, speaking in a dialogue meeting with the cultural bodies, which was organized by the National Council for Culture and Arts, said “ we have succeeded in realizing peace in Darfur through entering through door of culture, which unified the people,” saying that culture with all its forms has shaped the Sudanese society.
He affirmed that the Presidency would give more concern to the issue of culture, promising support to all initiatives and projects of the National Council for Culture and Arts.
State Minister at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Dr. Somaya Idriss, welcomed the Vice President, affirming sponsorship by the ministry through the National Council for Culture and Arts to the innovators.
Secretary General of the National Council for Culture and Arts Mowafaq Abdel-Rahman, on his party, said cultural diversity is the most important factor of the strength of Sudan.

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