Sudan Vision Tours International Fair of Khartoum (IFK)

By: Mona Mustafa

Khartoum – Amid qualitative attendance including government officials, ambassadors, businessmen, Prime Minister, Mutaz Musa inaugurated the activities of the 36th round of International Fair of Khartoum (IFK) which was particiaped by several international companies.

Minister of Industry and Trade, Musa Karama said that the SFZ represents the bright image and window to the world through hosting the International Fair of Khartoum. SFZ Chiarman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Mudathir Abdul Ghani said that the IFK comes within Sudanese openness towards the African continent which is the biggest market, affirming that they have plans to establish more free zone markets Sudanese Businesses and Employers Union President, Ali Abarsi said that there is considerable participation from several businessmen, affirming their keenness to make this round a success, adding that there are several joint meetings with the foreign companies besides the economical forums.
State Minister at the Ministry of Industry described the IFK as an important station for the companies to sign agreements considering that there are 15 countries and 500 companies participating in this round including the EU countries.
SFZ Director, Lt. Gen. Yusuf Karar said that the exhibition includes agricultural, Information technology, energy, and mining machineries.
He revealed organizing other specialized exhibition this year, affirming that the IFK aims at sending trade, industrial, service, culture, and social messages.

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