Talk of the Hour: The Peace of CAR Is not Separable from that of Sudan

Ahmed Ibrahim Ballal

Sudan and because of conviction unlimitedly, that its peace emanates from the peace of the others, especially neighborly, it has engaged to do it for the second time; before it is with South Sudan and this time with the Central African Republic (CAR).
Many have talked elaborately about the ways and means to salvage CAR from the misery it has been plagued with presently. To begin with, the Sudan’s foreign affairs minister, Al Dirdeeri Mohamed Ahmed said that the delegations that were to participate in the peace of CAR here in Khartoum amounted to 14, adding that the agreed upon CAR’s constitution had settled most of the disputed issues, disclosing that Sudan had reviewed all the previous peace initiatives that related to CAR to know why they were a failure to address the problem, continuing to say that Sudan had accepted the challenge to make the peace of CAR a success story.
He explained that the CAR’s peace mediation that was carried out by Sudan, had enjoyed the support of the African countries as well as the African Union (AU).
The foreign affairs minister said that the peace of South Sudan should not be the mere achievement for Sudan. ‘It is a must that it should be followed by another one which is CAR – a situation that consolidates our position as a state and qualifies us implement many future ones’.
He went on to say that the violence and chaos that happened in CAR would affect adversely the security and stability of Sudan. ‘We do share a common border at length of 440 kilometer and l0 tribes who live alongside it and affiliate mutually to the two countries, Sudan and CAR’.
Al Dirdeeri added that the area of the border commonly equals the region of Darfur entirely. ‘Sadly, it is now the place where small and large size weapons do infiltrate through it to Sudan. That the state of lawlessness there, has created a conducive environment for the trade of trafficking to mushroom. And it becomes a resort to the armed movements and the criminals to undermine the peace and security of our country’.
Al Dirdeeri pointed out that if for UNAMID was to withdraw completely and finally from the region of Darfur by the year 2020 and as scheduled by the security council, utmost efforts should be exerted to make out of CAR a very stable and secure country.
He said that and in order to play a vital role in CAR, they needed to be in a state of connectedness with the important states worldwide, such as France which is a close ally to CAR. ‘We all do know that France has a key role to play in the European Union. That it is the main accommodator of Abdul Wahid Mohamed Al Nur who from there used to launch hostile activities in Jebel Mara’, adding that the mere road that is to lead to France is through Bangui.
The foreign affairs minister said that their much concern with CAR was not without reasons justify; ‘it is complies wholly with the official policy of Sudan. When it celebrates its independence for this year, the slogan that is raised is wholly oriented to Africa which reads like this; I am an African, I am a Sudanese’.
He said that and as the peace of South Sudan had its impact positively on the relations with US, so was the one of CAR which would influence their relations with France, going further to mention that the peace of South Sudan made countries such as China and Russia to become much pleased to the extent of expressing readiness to negotiate with Sudan the ways and means to develop the sector of oil as well as consolidating its position with the others, especially universally.
Ambassador Omar Dahab, Sudan’s UN envoy, said that the African Union had adopted the initiative of Sudan regarding CAR to put an end to the military conflict there and therefore the making of peace a tangible reality.
Brigadier /security, Mohamed Abdalla Hassan Hamid, NISS director for West and middle of Africa’s administration, reviewed the historical ties between Sudan and CAR, stressing that there were consultations bilaterally, going on to affirm the role that was played by NISS to convince the armed movements to join the peace process. ‘This is in addition to urging the security organs to provide all the due support to CAR and the sponsorship of meetings that relate to the coexistence of tribes peacefully’.
And the secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council, Jan Egeland, who said that unless the upcoming peace talks would succeed, CAR was steering towards a catastrophe, indicating that and on this current January, parties of the conflict were scheduled to meet at Khartoum for peace talks under the auspices of AU.
He further went on to describe the situation like this; the repeated cycles of violence ravaging CAR had pushed people resistance to a breaking point.
Egeland who was recently on a visit to CAR, said this; ‘The country would be dragged to an abyss, unless its leaders and armed groups are delivering on people hope for peace’, adding that the peace talks that were initiated by AU and the Norwegian Refugee Council had called for an international high level meeting to address the deteriorating situation and to increase efforts to ensure protection of the population and support the reconstruction of the country.
The secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council lamented that both CAR and the international community had failed in their response to the crisis. ‘ We now need to seize this opportunity to prevent the country from sliding backwards into a full blown war’.
Egeland carried on to detail the crisis by saying that CAR had now been controlled by the armed groups. ‘2.9 million people, more than 6 out 10 inhabitants are urgently in need of humanitarian support’.
He concluded his remarks to say that currently the willingness of the international community to fund the humanitarian and development in CAR, had been lacking which in turn was manifested in unemployed and hungry people who were made as the easy recruits for the armed groups there.

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