AL-Basar Charity Foundation enters Africa Despite of Challenges

Blindness has become a human problem in African continent and world, the phenomena represents a nightmare and obsession for every individual, who lives on to the ground. Eye treatment needs a lot of money, if the patient wants to meet a doctor, he will find himself before a huge complicated problem because eye treatment cost much money which exhausts the patient, and because the grace of the sight is great gift has been given by Allah to mankind. And from the starting point the man would maintains his sight by interviewing a doctor who represents the only way that we can protect our eyes.
A mankind is suffering in Sudan from eye diseases particularly the white water (cataract) is widespread in both Urban and Rural areas. This kind of disease does not differentiate between small and large because eye disease has become a great challenge facing human being. We find that eye disease becomes widespread in African continent so that all African countries have suffered from blindness its effects are reflected negatively on production and productivity especially in rural areas which did not care about follow- up specialist doctor.
Allah Subhanhu Wataala gave to all mankind Al- Basar International Charity Foundation and made it as a means to protect His people and assists them to combating blindness.
Al-Basar International Foundation came and carrying omen depending on Allah Subhanhu Wataala to facing this challenge with contribution of donators who spare no effort in combating this challenge through free camps in African continent starting from Sudan sector which is considered the only refuge to confronting and fighting eye disease.
Al-Basar International Charity Foundation had exerted great efforts by the charitable person’s participation who threw more for assisting people who have suffered from eye disease and reaching them in their places where they live, through free camps that played an active and pioneer role in fighting and facing the different eye diseases in Sudan and African continent.
Al-Basar International Charity Foundation enabled despite circumstances through which it passed to provide the medical modern equipments and qualifying medical and technical cadre due to promoting the appropriate medical service for patients, and had exerted a great efforts in training the medical and technical cadre on modern medical organs concerning eye diseases.
Al-Basar International Charity Foundation has thrown with collaboration and cooperation with charitable men who also gave full-support to the Foundation and the two sides have worked hand-in- hand to confronting this challenge and protecting the communities from this disease.
Al- Basar International Charity Foundation put strategic plan aims to combat blindness in African continent and Asian through its hospitals and free camps which it is implementing them in African continent, and it did not seek money from everyone, but it always throws its medical service due to humanity because it constitutes the first and last purpose in order to keep the mankind’s live.
Al-Basar Charity Foundation has thrown its humanitarian work for all human being it does not differentiate among them because it believes that all people are the same and it comes for them and follows their conditions.
Who, he follows its humanitarian charity work he will find and discover that it does not seek to collect money, but it always seeks to provide the citizen’s medical service in both African and Asian arena.

Ahmed Hassan Omer (Hurga)

Ahmed Hassan Omer (Hurga)
Ahmed Hassan Omer (Hurga)

Ahmed Hassan Omer (Hurga)


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