Prime Minister to Address High Education Initiative for Comprehensive Political Solution

By: Haffiya Elyas

Khartoum: Prime Minister Mutaz Mousa is to address Monday morning at the big hall of the Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research the inaugural session of the Initiative of the Ministry of High Education that aims at figuring out a comprehensive political solution for the country.
Minister of High Education and Scientific Research Dr. Alsadiq Al Hadi Al Mahadi affirmed that the forum comes as part of the initiative of high education institutions for finding a political solutions whereby it will discuss six working papers presented by experts of universities teachers and researchers and these papers will be subjected to a thorough discussion from the part of the participants , academicians and specialist leading to a unified vision of high education to be presented to the relevant agencies. It noteworthy that the initiative will discuss over two days papers of peaceful transfer of power , the freedoms, the rights , the relation between the community and the state and it will review the progress of the current political operation and the outcomes of the national dialogue.

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