Sudan Celebrates the International Customs Day

By: Mona Mustafa

Khartoum – Sudan has celebrated the International Customs Day under the theme (Smart Borders for Easy Trade and travel). Director of Sudanese Customs Authority, Maj. Gen. (Police) Dr. Bashir Al-Tahir said that they exerted great efforts in supporting the establishment of modern infrastructure for trade and securing the borders beside fighting transnational crimes, human trafficking and easing th transit trade procedures.
He affirmed that the Sudanese customs represents a pioneering national institution in applying latest technology and e-government as testified by the representative of the international customs, Arab League and the World Bank.
For his part, the Director of Planning Directorate in the Customs Authority, Brigadier (Police) Hassab Al-Karim Adam Al-Nour said that they have strategic plans to boost the cooperation with the neighbouring countries through establishing several joint borders points besides activating the legislations.

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