The Arab Momentum that Is in Favor of Sudan

By Ahmed Ibrahim Ballal

These days the Sudanese Arab arena witnesses feverish momentum which is manifested by many aspects, among them conspicuously are these; the visit of president Al Bashir recently to Qatar. The high level Saudi ministerial delegation that is dispatched to Khartoum by the Custodian of the two holly mosques, King Salman bin Abdul Al ‘Aziz and Crown prince, Mohamed bin Salman. The would be visit that is scheduled to be conducted by president Al Bashir to Kuwait. And the visit of the Jordanian chief of staff to Khartoum.
Bushara Jum’a Aror, minister of information and communication and the government’s spokesperson, said that the Sudanese Qatari relations would remain steady and unaffected, no matter how huge the negative changes were.  Moreover, Aror went to tackle the issue of the imminent visit of president Al Bashir to Kuwait, indicating that it was intended to come within the framework of joint coordination in all matters that concerned the region, especially the Arab ones.
He said that and in addition to tackling the bilateral relations, the visit would discuss the Kuwaiti initiative that is tailored to overcome the Gulf crisis.
The Qatari ambassador to Khartoum, Abdul Rahman Ali Al Kibeisi, assured the adherence of Doha with Khartoum till it would overcome its economic crisis, going further to describe the Sudanese Qatari relations as historical, deeply rooted and often developing. Dr. Rabi’ Abdul Al ‘Ati, prominent figure of the national congress party, described the visit as multi-dimensional; not only carrying economic aspects regarding the recent developments, but others as wells, especially regionally and even internationally.
He went on to say that the visit should not be looked at in isolation of the recent one that was paid to Syria; they were both intended to unify and consolidate the Arab ranks.  The prominent figure of the national congress party delved to talk about his expectation of the visit; support of Qatar to Sudan through deposits to overcome its current economic problems. Concerning the high level Saudi delegation that visited Sudan recently, it was headed by Majid Al Quseibi, minister of trade and investment, who expressed the support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to the stability and security of Sudan, adding that, ‘such stability was simply part of the stability of KSA’.
He further said that, ‘Sudan is a sister and a neighboring country and that it has been enjoying historical ties with KSA. And that more than one million Sudanese have been working in KSA and who have contributed a lot to develop it’.  Regarding the visit to Khartoum by the lit. Gen. Mohmoud Farahat, the Jordanian chief of staff, president Al Bashir directed that there should be more cooperation between the two countries, Sudan and Jordon, especially in the military spheres so as to present a joint work model to the whole Arab states. First Lt. Gen. Kamal Abdul Al Ma’rouf, chief of joint staff, said that and due to the complications that were associated with the area of the red sea, implementation of such works were much required.

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