Head of South Korean Pavilion: We Endeavor for Increasing Volume of Trade Exchange with Sudan

Shadia Basheri / Khalda Elyas

Khartoum- The head of the South Korean pavilion at the current session of the International Fair of Khartoum has said the relations between South Korea and Sudan are strong, affirming their endeavor for promoting these relations further by increasing the volume of trade exchange between the two countries, which now stands at 300 million dollars.
He noted that lifting the economic sanctions on Sudan and the peace of South Sudan constitute positive indicators for their participation in the International Fair of Khartoum.
He affirmed that South Korea have remained maintaining strong commercial relations with Sudan since 1976, starting with Daewoo company, referring to existence of South Korean investments in Sudan.
A cooperation agreement is expected to be signed between the businessmen in the two countries during the South Korean-Sudanese partnership forum in next October, he said, referring to existence of impediments concerning bank transfers, affecting trade exchanges.

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