Religious Freedom Workshop Convenes, Expected to Contribute in Setting Sustainable Coexistence Goals

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – Sudan is to host today the workshop of religious freedoms in Sudan which is to be held by the National Committee of Religious Freedoms with many national agencies and the Churches Councils in the presence of a big number of religious sects in Sudan and outside Sudan for highlighting Sudan’s efforts towards protecting religious freedoms and human rights.
Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Political Affairs Ilham Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed affirmed that there are huge efforts from the part of the state for encountering the challenges facing the Sudan noting that Sudan has efforts for realizing the strategic target, however Sudan is still on the list of the countries sponsoring terrorism along with discussing some of the articles in the law related to apostasy and the pornographic acts.
She added that the workshop is seeking to create a platform of connection across the world for laying down of sustainable targets of religious coexistence which is the Goal number 16 of the sustainable development targets of the United Nations Organization outlining that the conference enable the youths to conduct a dialogue between them with their different religions and customs as there are many issues that require discussions between them far away of the adherence of each party to his approach and ideas.
He said the workshop aims at highlighting Sudan’s efforts in the field in the framework of enhancing the religious coexistence and for more consultation between Sudan and the international partners over the file of religious freedoms and discussing a number of crucial issues that contribute to lifting Sudan’s name form the list of the countries sponsoring terrorism and it comes in the framework of our connection with the organizations of international cooperation in the context of boosting religious freedoms
She said the importance of this workshop stems from the fact that it represents one of the attention of the state by affirming religious coexistence and in the framework of the engagement of the Sudan and the United States on the strategic dialogue between the two countries towards the full normalization of relations with the United States of America and the removal o Sudan’s a name from the List of the countries sponsoring terrorism, stressing that this workshop represents one of the requirements of the upcoming phase.
She further affirmed that the target is not only responding to these requirements but it is a national concern out of the state keenness of affirming that Sudan enjoys the protection of the religious freedoms and human rights.
She said Sudan is put in the list of the counties of special engagements in the international file of freedoms and enlisting Sudan in this list is unjustifiable and is not based on actual facts
Ilham noted that the progress of dialogue with the United States is going well and seriously and with interaction between the two parties and it is expected that the dialogue with come up with outcomes streamlined in the interests of the two countries
She affirmed that there is a mutual attention form the part of the two parties for promoting relations and developing them to a wider prospects particularly after cancelling the economic sanctions/
She affirmed that the workshop will touch on a number of papers with the presence of a number of international personalities and clergymen and bishops of the United States and Britain.

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