The Initiative for Comprehensive Political Solution Kicks-off

Haffiya Elyas

Khartoum – The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research ,Dr Alsadiq Al Hadi Al Mahadi called on the community, the government and the opposition to be responsible for national issues and to  address youth issues and make them a priority for the coming period.

The initiative is part of the role played by the Ministry and its institutions to think creatively to come up with many solutions for the country, he said

Prominent political Leader, Mohamed Al Amin Khalifa said that the recommendations of the National Dialogue Conference is  the fruits of a consultative work and Sudanese  humanitarian interaction , saying that  Sudan is looking to emerge from its successive crises and the need to unleash its energies towards affirmative action and invest its resources

He said that the executive authority had made an effort to implement the outcomes of the national dialogue, but have been affected by the report of the Emergency Committee of the Legislative of the National Congress

Hassan Ali Al-Saouri  University of Khartoum said the peaceful circulation of the power is not done unless there is a willingness to live and admit with  each other. We need to know why Sudan failed to take down the culture of peaceful trading of the power, pointing out that the culture of coexistence among members of the Sudanese family was a contemporary history, stressing that accepting the others  and coexistence leads to strength and continuity, pointing out that Sudan lack of coexistence and acceptance of the other except in the national dialogue and there is no coexistence within the political power since independence until now .

A number of working papers were discussed during the first day of the  forum  on the peaceful circulation of power and a paper on  Freedom and Rights, besides, the  outcomes of the national dialogue .

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