We Are Ready to Go Anywhere in the World to Bring Peace, Al Bashir Says

Al-Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum – President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir announced extension of ceasefire in South Kordofan till peace is achieved, adding that they are ready to go anywhere in the world for the sake of peace and to pay any price for that purpose in enable Nuba Mountains people return to their normal life, affirming that the coexistence among the Nuba Mountains components makes it a targeted area because it represents the whole Sudan.
Al Bashir, who was addressing a mass rally in Kadugli stadium on the occasion of the Martyr Festival in the presence of the governors of East Darfur, South Darfur, and West Kordofan along with several federal ministers and local administration chiefs, that Nuba Mountains was targeted to damage the social fabric and the ethical fusion.
He pledged that the government will leave no place in search of peace and is ready to pay any dowry for the sake of peace, calling on the SPLM-N to join the peace process to achieve sustainable development in the area.
Al Bashir expressed hope that the next meeting with Kauda citizens will be after the peace among the components of the state, affirming that the government will respond to the demands of the citizens in terms of the national road Um-Ruwaba/Taludi/Kadugli/El-Obied/El-Dalang besides the national grid.
He said that the government will introduce the genetically modified cotton to be cultivated by Nuba Mountains Corporation besides establishment of textile factories.
Al Bashir lauded the role of the martyrs and their families calling for providing housing to all the families of the martyrs, besides providing the health and education services.
He pointed to the struggle of Nuba Mountains citizens and their rejection to the displacement plans.
Al Bashir called for supporting the youth, affirming that one of the government’s goals is to hand the flag to the youth.
For his part, Governor of South Kordofan, Lt. Gen. Ibrahim Mofadal announced their nomination of Al Bashir for 2020 elections, affirming that the national grid will enter Kadugli and the eastern parts of the state in the upcoming days.
He called on the SPLM-N to join the peace process, disclosing that the cultivated area jumped from 3.7 million acres to 5 million.
The representative of the national dialogue groups, Bahar Idris Abu Garda affirmed that the dialogue is the only way out from this crisis.
For his part, martyrs Organization Director, Mohammed Ahmed Haj Magid affirmed that South Kordofan provided more than 2500 martyrs and more than a families provided 4 martyrs from one family, affirming that provided 200 residents to the families of the martyrs, besides training for 450 females in sewing works, and providing 700 mains of production.

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