African Youth Union Works for Combating Human Trafficking Crime

Mohamed Babikir / Elham Al Shahir

Khartoum- Assistant Secretary General of the African Youth Union Dr. Munzir Omer has affirmed concern of the union with elimination of the human trafficking crime, noting that Sudan is a country of transition for the phenomenon and that most African youths who are hunted by the human trafficking gangs are attempting illegal migration to improve their economic situations.
The Assistant Secretary General of the African Youth Union affirmed in an interview to the newspaper that the union is working for combating terrorism and extremism, pointing out that the union would contribute to the stability of youths through providing them with employment opportunities and accessing to microfinance programs to curb the illegal migration.
He lauded efforts being exerted by some African countries to control the armed movements that are spread on borders of some African states, praising the efforts of the Sudanese government in this regard, through launching of the national dialogue.
The union is endeavoring for boosting development and democracy in Africa, the African Youth Union official said.

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