Sudanese Organization for Press Freedoms calls for Sticking to Sense of Responsibility

Alsammani Awadallah

Khartoum: The Sudanese Organization for Press Freedoms has called for sticking to the sense of responsibility and commitment to the ethics principles of journalism profession and the boundaries of publishing , the freedom of expression provided for and recognized in all the international charters and the constitution of the Republic of Sudan and those set forth in the ethics code of conduct and the laws organizing journalism profession
The organization stressed in a statement it issued yesterday not to provoke hatred and urged combating the hatred discourse and called for not prejudicing national security and all that would threaten public safety , the social fabric and the hinges of the national unity as well as opting for safety in all the published items .
The statement demanded all the parties exposed to damage by publication to resort to court of justice .The Organization expressed concern that the procedures may affect the scene of the press freedoms in the country expressing keenness that the Sudanese press to continue in performing its leading role in tackling the issues of the nation with professionalism and objectivity

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