US Commends Sudan Efforts to Promote Religious Freedoms

Alula Barhi-Njat Ahmed

Khartoum: The United States of America has affirmed that protection of religious freedoms is a priority of the American government confirming America’s stand up for religious freedoms and religious multiplicity across the whole world.
The Charge d’affaires of the American Embassy To Khartoum said President Trump has called for supporting people of faith.
He commended the huge efforts of the Sudanese government of applying the general policies of religious freedoms from top downward to the ground stressing that they appreciate that Sudan is a country of multi-cultures and religions and that the Muslims ,the Christians and people of other faiths live together , maintaining friendships and support each other.
He said we are seeking to introduce improvements in the government policies for protecting the religion we know in Sudan stressing that the Sudanese government is committed to holding a follow up workshop for highlighting further progress on the issues raised in May calling for creating a safe environment for expression and dialogue with the opposition and the civil society.
Charge d’affaires expressed hope during the workshop which was held by the ministry of Foreign Affairs and Council of Churches on religious freedoms in Sudan that the workshop would contribute in enhancing the American-Sudanese cooperation in the fields of human rights , religious freedom and delivering humanitarian assistances to the needy.
He said “ we have to guarantee that Sudan has policies at the national and local level that don’t allow licensing only but to boost the capability of the groups and individuals to exercise their faiths freely and with protection.
He expected the workshop will come up with positive outcomes to be enshrined in the law and the constitution noting that the workshop has discussed realizing bigger representation of religious minorities in the government , the technical offices and education administration

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