Army Reiterates Coherence and Readiness to Confront Plots

Sudan Vision

Khartoum – The Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) have reiterated its keenness to preserve the stability of the country, protecting the people and their properties.
SAF affirmed its readiness to confront all attempts that aim at destabilizing the national security, renewing its stickiness to its leadership.
For his part, Minister of Defence, 1st Lt. Gen. (Psc) Awad Mohammed Ibn Auf said, while addressing the enlightenment for SAF colonels and brigadiers held yesterday at the Military Academy, that the army recognizes all the plots and scenarios prepared to exploit the current economical conditions to drag the country into chaos.
Chief Staff, 1st Lt. Gen. Dr. (Psc), Kamal Abdul Marouf affirmed that the army will not allow for the downfall of the nation or its dragging it into chaos, pointing out to the sacrifices provided by SAF to achieve security and stability in the country.
Abdul Marouf added that those who are igniting the protests are the same persons who remained tarnishing the image of Sudan and providing the support to the armed groups to fight against the Sudanese army for years.
He disclosed that SAF will confront – through law – all those who are attempting to insult the army, confirming that the army will not hand the country to the agents of the defeated insurgents and will confront them whatever the sacrifices are to keep the safety and security of the people.

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