Kibir Affirms Role of Sudanese-Chadian Joint Forces in Combating Cross-border Crimes

Al-Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum – Vice President of the Republic Osman Mohamed Yousif Kibir has affirmed that bilateral relations between Sudan and Chad are eternal and strong and that the two countries are keen on enhancing cooperation between them in all spheres.
He stressed upon meeting the Sudanese community in Chad that Sudan is prepared to effect firm coordination and cooperation with Chad in a manner that pushes relations forward and realizes common interests for the peoples of the two countries affirming that the two Sudanese and Chadian sides are working on reviewing 54 agreements signed ever since the year 1966 in a big number of fields of mutual concern for reviving and activating their items.
Kibir hailed the experiment of the Sudanese-Chadian forces along the joint border in combating the cross-border crimes stressing that the two countries are seeking to upgrade the experiment towards promoting security cooperation while there is a trend for the entry of central Africa so that it becomes a joint forces operating on the borders of the three countries.
Kibir further highlighted cooperation by GIAD industrial group and the businessmen and the Chadian companies that brought about the signing of a number of agreements
Kibir affirmed that completion of the land road form Port-Sudan to Adri will play a crucial role in developing trade between the two countries.
In a related development Vice President Inaugurated GIAD company group in the Chadian capital city of Ndjamena disclosing presidential directives of removing all the difficulties facing the flow of commodities between the two countries .

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