Saudi Arabia’s Role in Yemen’s Stability Praised

Arab News

JEDDAH: Yemeni activists launched a loyalty hashtag campaign on social media thanking Saudi Arabia for sending fuel to help ensure stable power supplies in the country.
Muammar Al-Iryani, the Yemeni information minister, took part in the #Saudiarabia_illuminates_Yemen hashtag, along with Yemeni officials, journalists and others.
“Our Saudi brothers have extended their hands to this war-ravaged country, providing all political, economic, military and humanitarian support, and have now granted us oil derivatives for power plants, that have re-illuminated Aden and other liberated provinces. We can never thank them enough,” Al-Iryani wrote.
The minister said that Saudi Arabia had delivered oil derivatives worth $180 million, along with 190 million tons of diesel and 86 million tons of diesel oil, in the past three months.
The grant helped ensure the stability of Yemen’s power generation as well as the national currency, he said.
Activists also published photos of Yemenis carrying signs of the hashtag and sharing images of themselves from inside liberated provinces.
Yeminis expressed their hopes that the Kingdom’s grants would help the country avoid summer power cuts.
In Yemen alone, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) is working on 321 humanitarian projects in different sectors such as health care, education and rehabilitation of war victims and children.
Recently, KSRelief Supervisor General Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah signed six agreements with a number of civil society organizations to boost humanitarian assistance to Yemen. The center is also actively involved in the rehabilitation of children affected by the war.

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